Media coverage

2019 – WIRED (9th May) “Humans made this planet hell. Hopefully we can help some species adapt”.

2019 – EurekAlert, AAAS; ScienceDaily; Technology Networks (6th May) “Genetic adaptation to climate change: Failure to account for genetic variation can result in overestimating extinction risk”.

2018 – Molecular Ecology Resources (18: 14–17) From the Cover article by Sean Hoban.

2018 – Yahoo News (3rd Aug) “How to set conservation priorities in response to climate change”.

2018 – Environmental News Network (2nd Aug) “Climate change could put rare bat species at greater risk”.

2013 – Nature Climate Change (3: 781) Research Highlights “Genetic pinch”

2013 – BBC News (5th Aug) “Rare bat on brink of extinction”. Interview by Victoria Gil

2013 – BBC Radio 4 today show (5th Aug) – Interview about the conservation management plan

2013 – BBC World Service World Update (5th Aug) – Interview about climate change and bat conservation

2013 – ITV 6pm West Country News (5th Aug). “Decline in the bat population”. Interview by Jacquie Bird

2013 – The New Scientist (7th Aug) “Beautiful British bat is one in just 1000” by Jacob Aron

2013 – The Guardian Newspaper (5th Aug) “Britain’s grey long-eared bats may die out without help, conservationists warn”. Interview by Steven Morris

2013 – The Independent Newspaper, UK 

2013 – The Express Newspaper, UK  

2013 – The Daily Mail Newspaper, UK   

2013 – The Times Newspaper, UK    

2013 – The Herald Scotland Newspaper, UK 

2013 – Arab Emirates Top News

2013 – French Tribute 

2013 –

2013 – ECOSA

2012 – BBC Mundo (28th June) “El misterioso susurro del murciélago orejudo”. Interview by A. Martins

2011 – ITV 6 pm Channel News (1st June) “Rare bat attracts expert”. Interview by Jess Dunsdon

2011 – BCT Bat News Magazine (autumn/winter 2011) – interview about grey long-eared bat PhD research

2010 – University of Washington Conservation Magazine “To the bat…pond” by David Malakoff



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