Failure to account for genetic variation can result in overestimating extinction risk

New research led by the University of Southampton has shown that the threat of range losses for some species as a result of climate change

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PhD Studentship, University of Southampton, Sep 2017

How will greening the desert affect bats and the ecosystem services they provide? Supervisors:  Dr Orly Razgour (University of Southampton) Dr Kelvin Peh (University of Southampton)

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Landscape Genetics across spatial scales


We combine population genetics with species distribution modelling and geographical information. Our work has shown the scale-dependent effect of the landscape on gene flow and population structure in bats.

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Plecotus austriacus_Devon_2010_Daniel Hargreaves

Photos of bats from fieldwork

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Phylogeography and evolutionary history

Myotis escalerai in flight, photo: Antton Alberdi

Combining genetic and environmental data with spatial modelling and inference of evolutionary history to show how past climatic changes shaped patterns of genetic variation.

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Field work photos

Radio-tracking, Isle of Wight 2010, photo: Rachael Cooper-Bohanon

photos from field work in England, Spain, Portugal and Ethiopia 2010-2015

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