Adaptations to environmental change

Using genomic data and ecological analysis to identify signatures of climate-driven local adaptations in species of conservation concern.

PhD Studentship, Sep 2016, University of Southampton

Investigating the role of ecological interactions in shaping species distributions and range shifts under climate change Supervisors:  Dr Orly Razgour (University of Bristol / University

Predictive Landscape Genetics

We use landscape genetics as a predictive tool to assess how species will shift their ranges to track changes in climatic suitability and inform conservation measures that will facilitate movement.

Ecological connectivity in sky island bats of the Ethiopian Highlands

Tropical highland ecosystems are highly sensitive to global change, especially in under-studied areas like Ethiopia that are threatened by extensive anthropogenic habitat loss and degradation. We are studying how these sky islands and the intervening landscape matrix shape the genetic diversity and distribution of their unique fauna, focusing on the little known diversity of the Ethiopian Highlands’ Plecotus bat community.

Landscape Genetics: the effect of environmental heterogeneity on movement ecology and range shifts

Combining spatial ecology and population genetics

Landscape Genetics across spatial scales

We combine population genetics with species distribution modelling and geographical information. Our work has shown the scale-dependent effect of the landscape on gene flow and population structure in bats.

Developing an integrated framework to investigate biodiversity responses to global change

NERC research fellowship project

Why Bats?

Bats are important components of ecosystems and providers of ecosystem services that are potential bio-indicators of environmental change because they can represent the response of

Integrated Framework

What is an integrated approach? Integrating different drivers of change: climate change and anthropogenic habitat loss. Integrating different levels of biodiversity from genes, through individuals


Photos of bats from fieldwork